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Union Mie Supports YOU


2012/10/13 (Sat)

The general union of workers in Mie, called UNION MIE, is an entity formed to defend and guide workers irrespective of nationality in cases of unfair dismissal as pregnancy, illness, occupational accident, moral insults, failure to pay wages or hours overtime, holiday pay, sexual harassment, dismissal for alleged lack of work, unemployment insurance and others.
To solve or avoid the above problems, a employee is in a vulnerable position before the employer even though knowledge of the labor laws.Generally when workers receive a verbal statement of dismissal of a charge, some just passively accepting the fact, however those who will lay claim their rights in the Labor Bureau, the contractor brazenly refuses the resignation and with the leniency of Labor facilities they are free to pratices any irregularities. So do not accept resignation verbally, do not sign any documents without knowing the content and especially be sure to provide the workplace or in the office, because they may claim the abandonment of work.
The charge (tantoushas) has no power to dismiss, claiming that it is even higher order of company.
Mie Union can support to solve the problem of labor laws dealing with driving the company itself or official government agencies as the Labor Bureau, Hello Work, the Regional Council work, Labor Law, etc..