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Congratulation SPU Group for 1 year of anniversary


2012/10/16 (Tue)

Congratulation SPU Group for 1 year of anniversary
We start the moviment after the number of joined member reached about 170 philipins employees working at Taki cho in Matsuza city Mie prefrecture. After that precious open day, we fighted together, with strong heart during the period of 1 year. The results for this fighting is very satisfatory, because all members have rights to subscribe to the Social Health insurance, with long term of contract of 6 months, take annual paid leave,and for employees members that don’t want to subscribe to Social health Insurence can get 10 days of settlement money to take vacation to Philipins. Also, all GL employees members is free to decide where they want to live and the bus fee was reduced to half charge, so we continue fighting yet to increase salary, Bus fee zero campaign, inccrease the number of days of settlement money. So join us to fight together. To others Factory, make your Group.