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Courage and Determination


2012/10/08 (Mon)

We invite all workers who live and work in Japan to join this union, in order to improve working conditions and reduce the differences that we have before the permanent employees (Sei-shain). Most of the foreign community of workers is non-effective (hiseki rodoosha). So many foreigners and Japanese who were employed by temporary employment agencies (haken-shain), production by subcontractors (Ukeoi-shain) and even those who were hired directly by the factories, suffer discrimination, ill-treatment, low wages and not entitled to bonus and job security, with no right to the end of service gratuity (taishokukin), just because they are not permanent employees (Sei-shain).
we need courage and determination to join greater the number of unionf members in same factory, to demonstrate our power by the action of strike, forcing the company to make an agreement to change the internal rules of the factory and ensure stable employment and improving employment conditions.
Backed by the Constitution in Article 28 which says that all workers have the right to organize and to bargain and act collectively, you can form a union in the factory to negotiate or do strike without breaking the law, so you can join to Union Mie individually and expand to form a large union group within the company to have the right of representation in collective bargaining with the company, and to strike if negotiations result is not peaceful or positive for the union members.
In the Office of Labor Standards Inspection (Roodoo Tanya Kantokusho), you can just consult labor rules, but you have no way to negotiate with the company, so the Japanese consitution passed the bill for union workers to have the right to negotiate with companies to fight against any discrimination for being a member of the union or participate in union activities.
In Article 3 of the Labor Standards Law, it is stipulated that the employer should not do tracts of discrimination in relation to working conditions, wages, etc.., On grounds of nationality, social status and beliefs of the worker and a member of the union .
All companies with more than 10 employees are required to prepare internal rules and submit to the Bureau of Labor Standards Supervision (Article 89 of the Labour Standards Act).
The Law requires that the Rules of Work be accessible to everyone, (Art. 106 of the Act Labour Standards).
The best option is to unionize and fight for their rights, because laws and regulations are just standards to be achieved, but in practice this does not work, it depends if you're willing to fight collectively, or not, because if we continue acting individually, nothing shall take effect, because the law is for all workers, the law did not say just you have the right, think and act collectively. We count on you