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Annual Convention (declaration)


2012/10/06 (Sat)

Annual Convention (declaration)

The democrats policy are not able to accomplish what was listed in the manifest declaration, so,
They abandoned people and collusioned with opposite party the liberal democratic compromising with the welfare system and causing political confusion.
About Fukushima nuclear power plant accident, and problem of release large amounts of radioactivity, they didn’t yet determined the cause of nuclear accident and started again the operation of dangerous nucelar power at Oiigenpatsu. On other hand, we making a anti-nuclear movement, but everybody effort could not stop yet the nuclear power activity.
The situation of workers is very strict,and japanese factory like Sharp company are looking for financial assistance, in these condition we worried about the increase of non regular workers and company’s planned restructuring.
we held the 55th annual convention today, to determine the policy of join effort independent if you are regular or no-regular workers, japanese or foreigners, to fight together to overcome this critical situation.
Let’s mobilize the power of each one members to make a Big power with purpose of realizing these policies.
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October 07, 2012
Mie General union
55th Annual convention


Slogan of the Convention (Proposal)
◎ Based on the formation of Sharp Pinoy Unity group, organize more union groups in various factories
◎ The Judge from Regional Court setençed temporary the prohibition of strike, so we fight against the illegal sentence and with full force will support the union's branch from Sacura hospital.
◎ Continue the movement against nuclear power station, in order to eliminate completely the atomic batteries.