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Fight of Sharp Pinoy Unity group


2012/01/25 (Wed)


Matsuzaka city is the place where Filipinos decide to fight against discrimination and abuse from contractors and Sharp Company. For 7 years, they suffered many kind of pressure, like forced resignation before come back to Philippines, forced to stay just two weeks of vacation, and when exceed two weeks, they forcing to sign another contract with a reduction of salary, all Filipinos is forced to change into apartment company, if you recuse, don’t receive a new schedule to work, and the Global Link Company deduce monthly \3,000 for bus fee, tha’s illegal because the bus white number plate is for private use, so can’t used to get profit, but can charge just as fuel fee. We have anothers problems like harassment from Japanese leaders, and illegal dismissal with allegation of making bad products. After opening this Sharp Pinoy Unity group, many things changed, for exemplo all Filipinos don’t receive bad treatment from Japanese leaders, nobody is forced to change the apartments, no more forcing resignation before come back to Philippines, all filipinos will receive the original unemployment registration card, any Filipinos can deliver pamphlet inside the bus without any complaint from GL Company, and so on another benefits will be get later.

Why this change occurred? This movement started wth somes corageus Filipinos that decided to help all workermates to get better conditions of job going to Mie General Labour Union asking for help. So the Union Mie guided how to conduct before the company and teached all membership how to negociate with company and their attorney. Why this kind of negociation is possible? We have powerful Union Law that guarantee Right To Organize, Right To Bargain Collectively, and Right To Collective Action. So that’s laws can protect us and make better ours lives. Let’s maintain all employees together in this Union Mie, and let’s participate in campaign to increase numbers off employees into Sharp Pinoy Unity group, remember that just a union of workers can benefits and guarantee our job and protect our familys. Stay together. Good Job.